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Monthly Dessert Drop

Stocked with exclusive treats you won't find on the regular menu


Weekly Market Cookie

Stop by the Farmers Market and grab a cookie of your choice. 

Cow and Piglet

Give Back

A portion of your membership supports local animal sanctuaries

Monthly Dessert Drop


This is where you'll get to enjoy
members-only items and collaborations.

Off-menu items like Peach Cobbler, Baklava, and Pumpkin Cheesecake are what you can expect each month when you receive your box via pickup or free delivery

Collaborators include Sweet Batches, Amethyst Bee Cakery, Ninth Wonder Treats, and more!

All items in the monthly drop are vegan friendly

Monthly Box

Market Cookie

Visit the Just Enjoy Bakery booth in
Grand Rapids or Holland and get a free 1/4 lb Cookie of your choice!

1 per week per member

Market Cookie
Chicken Farm

Give Back

At Just Enjoy Bakery, Give > Take is more than a catchphrase - it's a lifestyle

Join us in having the privilege to pledge monthly support* to local animal sanctuaries (Dominion, ASK, Sanctuary Moon)

*A portion of membership fees will be donated 

Give Back
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