Monthly Dessert Box

Stocked with exclusive treats you won't find on the regular menu

Weekly Market Cookie

Stop by the Farmers Market and grab a cookie of your choice. 

Give Back

A portion of your membership supports local animal sanctuaries

Monthly Dessert Box


This is where you'll get to enjoy
members-only items and collaborations.

Off-menu items like Peach Cobbler, Baklava, and Pumpkin Cheesecake are what you can expect each month when you receive your box via pickup or free delivery* 

All items in the monthly box are vegan friendly


Market Cookie

Visit the Just Enjoy Bakery booth in
Grand Rapids or Holland and get a free 1/4 lb Cookie of your choice!

1 per week per member

Chicken Farm

Give Back

At Just Enjoy Bakery, Give > Take is more than a catchphrase - it's a lifestyle

Join us in having the privilege to pledge monthly support* to local animal sanctuaries (Dominion, ASK, Sanctuary Moon)

*A portion of membership fees will be donated each month and reported


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